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An Extraordinary Speaker is Engaging, Impactful and Memorable.
I want to help you to be that speaker.

I am filled with immense gratitude for the role you have played in shaping my path as a speaker. Your guidance as my TEDx coach was nothing short of transformative, and it is thanks to you that I secured my first TEDx speaking spot. The trust I have in you is unwavering, built on countless instances where your wisdom and support have been my compass.

When you recommended I join a powerful partner you have, I had no hesitation in following your lead. Though the intricacies of what lay ahead were beyond my understanding at the time, I placed my faith in your judgment. What unfolded was a dynamic experience that surpassed all expectations. Not only did they help me secure a speaking engagement before 30,000 people, but soon I found myself preparing to address a staggering audience of 700,000. Their assistance extended beyond the stage, encompassing every need I had, right down to being my concierge at the hotel and guiding me around town.

Tanja, your recommendation set this entire adventure in motion, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Your belief in me, your unwavering support, and your impeccable judgment have been the pillars of my success. You are not just a coach; you are a beacon of inspiration and a cherished friend.

Need guidance to enhance your speaking impact, confidence and content? Let me help you reach your goals.

My Approach To Coaching

I have coached over 1,500 hundred speakers to their TEDx and other stages. Corporate, Keynotes, Workshops, you name it.

As a coach, I’m fun and creative while maintaining a focused analytical mind to help you succeed in presenting your most outstanding talk.

My direct coaching style will guide you to explore ways to captivate and engage your audience fully during your delivery. I’ll help you sleuth your content to deliver maximum clarity and impact.

I’ve got you from ideation to getting on whatever stage you desire! I believe each of us has an important message to share, and I’m excited to be part of your team to make that happen.

Tanja Diamond is a Life and Business Strategist, 5X #1 International best-selling author, International 2X TEDx Speaker. 

Certified Speaker Coach for Thought-Leader, Ghostwriter, Ideation MasterClass Facilitator, TEDx Organizer, curator and speaker coach for multiple TEDx events, and speaker strategist. Tanja has been entertaining, speaking, and singing on stage for the last 45 years (yep, she’s that old, LOL). 

She is certified in hundreds of modalities, marketing, copywriting, and NLP. She is an expert in human psychology, motivation, even studying hostage negotiation skills, so she can guide you to the perfect words to make your talk create maximum impact.


It’s done! My talk was last week on Friday. What a relief! 😃

Preparing for this TedX talk was THE MOST DIFFICULT I did. I went through 150 shades of anxiety, stress, self-doubt, feeling shitty, etc. I had
to summarize my talk in ten minutes and really struggle with the hook and the call to action.

 Then I met Tanja! LOL – thank you for saving my life! You were incredible, streamlining the talk and helping me with the overall message throughout the talk. More importantly, I felt comfortable, assured, and proud of my talk! We’ll work again very soon!! 🙂
Alp Bora

TEDx speaker

Tanja in literally 1 minute just miraculously changed my hook and now the whole talk has a completely different feel! Anyone who is struggling with something not flowing…Tanja is your person.

Hina Sheth

TEDx speaker

Thank you so much Tanja!  And seriously, I don’t think I’d have ever gotten even this far without you in the last weeks.

Yarona Boster

TEDx speaker, Speaker Coach

As a speaker coach Tanja is a gem. 🙂 She’s playful, creative, and committed to providing the honest feedback you need to present your idea in a smooth, clear, and effective way.
I have loved all my coaching sessions with Tanja and I know you will too because her insights always make my TEDx talks more impactful, and the audience impact is what most matters to me. Plus, I love her – just saying!
Elayna Fernandez

5X TEDx speaker & Thought Leader Speaker Coach

Tanja is an amazing coach – she has the ability to LISTEN deeply, and give you just the right bit of insight and then “how to” make the shift in your talk to make it that much better.
Diane Sherman

Thought Leader Speaker Coach

Tanja, thank you for your help. You’re amazing! and I’ve had multiple people reach out to me telling me they like the title. So thank you for your brilliance!
Kimberly Godsey

TEDx Speaker

If you have a big idea and are coachable, this woman can get you on a TEDx stage and walk you through the process of delivering a knock-out talk. Her skill set is so vast that she can lead with hard-earned experience and success. Just listen to her, follow the process, and trust her guidance.

She took 12 of us from passionate wanna-be’s to TEDx Speakers! She made herself available and ensured our success by digging in and offering up the critiques we needed to hear and showing us how to overcome any obstacle.

I had nothing but passion and an “all over the place” idea when I came to her and I have to say that with her coaching, I nailed it! The fight against human trafficking is stronger thanks to this woman. All credit and gratitude to Tanja Diamond – she is AMAZING!

Sabrina Stafford

TEDx Speaker

I’ve had the gift of working with Tanja Diamond as a speaker coach with both the Thought Leader Program and the TEDxcherrycreekHS stage. 

Tanja has an extraordinary dedication to each one of her speakers to make them their absolute best. She is highly potent at helping to diffuse a message and get an idea into lucidly. Her ability to engage people and bring out their authenticity and passion is amazing. I highly recommend Tanja.

Jacia Kornwise

TEDx Speaker

As a coach, Tanja got all of us to provide professional and engaging talks. Her availability and insights for coaching, titling, and other elements of our talks streamlined what many would consider deeply complicated elements, boosting the caliber of content to a level expected by TEDx audiences. I am so appreciative of all the work she’s done, before and during the TEDx event.  

James I. Bond

TEDx Speaker

 Tanja was the best speaker coach ever! She is open to teaching anyone at any skill level and script topic. Tanja opens many other times (other than training sessions) to make you feel as ready as you possibly can. She shares thoughtful and useful hints and tips on many aspects of having a good TEDx Talk. Thank you for being so helpful and supportive to everyone at this event

Lynn Zhuang (11yrs old)

TEDx Speaker

I had the privilege to participate as a speaker in the inaugural TEDxCherryCreekHS event on 8/12 2023. The organizing committee selected Tanja Diamond as its speaker coach and chief strategist. I must say that Ms. Diamond was incredibly outstanding in her role, not missing any attention to even the smallest details. Each and every one of our speakers feels the same way. With Tanja’s guidance, coaching, and eclectic style, she was able to elicit phenomenal speeches from each one of us, young and old. I would highly, and without reservation, recommend Tanja as a speaker coach for public speaking not only at a TEDx talk but also at any speech event!

Emilio M. Justo, M.D.

TEDx Speaker

I wanted to thank you for your help in the writing class earlier this month. The Saturday after the class, I thought I would submit to 10 talks so that I would be 1/8 of the way to landing a talk 🙂. Two of the first three applications I was selected to interview for. I have been accepted to Aberystwyth on December 3. I am interviewing for TEDx Howard on November 1. Just wanted to say thank you.

Vince Hafeli

3X TEDx Speaker

  She was SO insightful and had SUCH pointed feedback that really resonated with me…

Tanja’s coached 1000s of people in other areas for decades, and now that she’s a trained, certified speaker coach through Thought Leader, she’s even better. 
 She knows how to think through the eyes and mind of the audience and has an uncanny ability to see what doesn’t “fit” in your talk and tell you to ditch it. Plus she’s so good at the “play” portion of speaking, helping you get out of your state of fear and dig deep to find the true heart of your message…. a coach like Tanja focused on YOUR idea, YOUR stories, YOUR message to share with the world? Priceless. ❤

Katie Kimball

2X TEDx speaker

Feeling so, SO, SOOOOOO blessed to have a coach in Tanja She’s fearlessly honest, practical, and insightful. She has been with me since my first talk writing intensive and helped pull the message out of me to a point where it really shines and lights ME up because I know I have packed the message I want to deliver to the world like a gift they can understand and use! I especially love how Tanja pulls on her understanding of NLP to make the message absorbable!

Catherine Wood

TEDx speaker

Thank you, Tanja! Your approach to coaching really made an impression on me (from my first app intensive) and I’m grateful to continue to learn from you.

Nicole Villegas

TEDx Speaker

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Tanja. With the deadline looming, she worked with me, quickly, efficiently and thoroughly to craft my proposed talk into the one that got accepted. Tanja, your insight was exactly what I needed to hone in my message. I love the way you gave me the perspective I needed to eliminate the “fat” and keep the meat of my story. And thank you for celebrating with me after I landed it! I consider myself very lucky that you had a coaching slot open the very day I needed you. I’ll definitely be calling upon you as I craft my second talk!

Laura Cathcart Robbins

TEDx Speaker

I really appreciate Tanja’s coaching skills. Her feedback regarding the flow of my speech, allowed me to craft a powerful speech. She invited me to not only bring in more personal experiences but also to clarify aspects of them. As the speech progressed, her feedback in regard to sequencing information was incredibly helpful.
Her modeling of delivery allowed me to move from a relatively monotone speaker to one that has a sense of the impact that pauses or stressing words can create. With her ability to sense who one is as a person, she worked with me to bring me and my personality out.
I can only recommend her skillful ways of woking with a budding speaker to create a powerful message.

Corinna Stoeffl

TEDx Speaker

Hi Tanja, I just got back. I got a good reaction from the crowd members talking to me at the reception after the TEDx event.
Thanks so much for your expertise helped Mucho Mucho.
Got some good laughs from the crowd.
You’re the best. Oh, and by the way, your advice for memorization paid off.
I don’t think I forgot anything, not even a syllable.
Will McPherson

TEDx Speaker

Hi Tanja, I am grateful for your help with my TEDx talk prep.
When you watch it you probably recognize some specific phrases you suggested. 

Suzie Sharpe

Physician, Artist, TEDx Speaker

I could not take my “truth” to a TEDx stage without the mentorship of my coach, Tanja Diamond, who knew all about TEDx and what it takes to be there. She guided me in all stages throughout the journey, from strengthening my idea to polishing my speech, including supporting me emotionally when I needed it. 

Moji Sadri

TEDx Speaker

Tanja taught me so much about making my introduction funny and different (having fun with it) and about making my talk more of a story.

Ronnie Stephens

TEDx Speaker, engineer and university Professor

Tanja told me precisely what I needed to hear in order to take my Talk from zero to hero within a very limited amount of time.

She never shied from telling me exactly what she was thinking and what I would need to change in order for my Talk to level up from fumbling, amateur, and cringe-y (my words!) to tight, polished, and powerful. I can honestly say I would not have been able to do this at all without her. Or, maybe I would have, but it would not be a Talk I’d be particularly proud to launch and share afterward. 

There’s no telling how enormous the impact of Tanja’s coaching was and will be on my Talk’s development and future as I send it out into the world. I know that if I reach and help more people, it will be because Tanja knew exactly how to make my talk more powerful and relatable by many orders of magnitude. I feel honored and supported and proud and like I’m part of an amazing team!

I honestly can’t think of anything that would need to change. Tanja has her own style of coaching and offering feedback and it was exactly the style I needed in my unique situation. I am eternally grateful!

Annalise Oatman

TEDx Speaker

I had the pleasure of working with Tanja Diamond as our strategist and coach for TEDxCherryCreekHS. Tanja has superb attention to detail and a vision to bring out the very best in every speaker she works with. Her style is raw and straight from the hip which I find refreshing.  She really knows how to get things done in an efficient manner and takes care of all the little details so the speakers can focus on speaking and not have to worry about anything else.  Tanja would be a valuable addition to any event, team, or organization as a speaker, contributor, coach, or strategist.  

Nick Shelton

TEDx Speaker

It was a great and eye-opening experience to work with Tanja Diamond. She has a unique expertise of guiding, even well-seasoned and professional speakers, to perform on the uniqueness of a TEDx stage. From working out the main idea of my talk to emotional connectivity with the audience, and delivery on stage, Tanja masters all the skills and strategies. Just follow her lead and your talk will be better than you expected! Thank you, Tanja.

Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PhD.

TEDx Speaker

Tanja Diamond is very knowledgeable, professional and she is very sharp, supportive. She helped me be ready on the TEDx stage whenever I had a question, she was always there. She is very talented and knows what she is doing. She has the unique ability to make the speakers ready on the stage. I would recommend Tanja for any TEDx event.

Gavin Vernon (14yr old)

TEDx Speaker

Working with Tanja as my personal TEDx Speaker Coach has been an invaluable experience. Her expertise in communication and public speaking is evident in every session. Tanja’s keen insights and constructive feedback have transformed my presentation skills and helped me refine my message. Her patient guidance and tailored approach created a comfortable environment for me to grow and develop my speaking abilities. Tanja’s dedication to helping me convey my ideas effectively and authentically has prepared me for my TEDx talk. I’m incredibly grateful for her mentorship and support, and I can confidently say that Tanja’s coaching has elevated my speaking prowess to a whole new level.”

Jim Carbaugh

TEDx Speaker

I had the opportunity to be a part of a TEDx event that Tanja Diamond was the speaking coach for. It ended up being one of the most organized events I have ever been involved with, and without Tanja’s involvement, it would have been a much different event. I believe many of the talks that took place at the event are better for her being involved. Not only that, but Tanja stressed the importance of your TEDx Talk being around one very easy-to-understand yet powerful idea. Immediately after my talk, an attendee said “I loved how your talk was built around one easy-to-understand, yet powerful idea. Brilliant.”

Corey Poirier

3X TEDx Speaker & Founder of bLU Talks

I had the pleasure of volunteering as the TEDxWoodinville 2023 Communications Manager and working very closely with Tanja Diamond, the TEDxWoodinville Organizer. As someone who has spoken both in and out of the TEDx arena, coordinated events, and witnessed the coordination of past TEDx events, let me just say that Tanja was a delight to work with and that her commitment is rare!

I appreciated that Tanja was not only clear on what she expected from my role but also that she embraced my feedback and welcomed my ideas. She always respected my experience and entrusted me to carry out my responsibilities. Tanja was great at expressing appreciation to me, to the team, and to the speakers and was always transparent in her communications.

It was evident from the very beginning that Tanja genuinely wanted to create a state-of-the-art event and an amazing first-time TEDx experience for the speakers, team, and audience. I highly recommend Tanja to anyone considering working with her, no matter the capacity, and would do it all over again!

Kathy James

TEDx Speaker, TEDxWoodinville Communication manager

Tanja Diamond is a true luminary in the world of event organization and speaker coaching. Her work as the TEDxWoodinville organizer and speaker coach is nothing short of exceptional. Tanja possesses an innate ability to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Her meticulous attention to detail, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect of her work.

As a speaker coach, Tanja’s influence is transformative. She has a unique gift for nurturing speakers, helping them evolve into captivating storytellers who connect with their audiences on a profound level. Her dedication to speaker training, I truly believe, not only ensured the success of TEDxWoodinville 2023 but will be something that leaves a lasting impact on every single one of us that participated. 

What truly sets Tanja apart is her visionary approach to event coordination. She doesn’t just focus on logistics; she delves deep into the soul of the event, crafting an experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of attendees long after it’s over.

Tanja Diamond is not just an event organizer; she is a masterful conductor of unforgettable moments. Her ability to turn TEDxWoodinville into a world-class event is a testament to her expertise, creativity, and tireless dedication. If you’re seeking an event coordinator and/or speaker coach who can take your event up 10 levels, look no further than Tanja Diamond. She is the embodiment of excellence, and her impact will undoubtedly leave you (or you’re attendees) inspired and in awe. Tanja Diamond is, without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with and I am both honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to work so closely with her. 

Cheyenne Burnett

TEDx Speaker

Tanja exceeded every expectation I may have had. She went above and beyond in every single way. Tanja not only planned, funded, and executed the event, but she also spent HOURS on HOURS coaching us.

From the writing, editing, and rewriting, to the delivery, she was our biggest support system and made sure we brought our very best to the stage. There is no better speaker coach in the game.

Jason Ferguson

TEDx Speaker

To be coached by someone who has been a speaker on stages many, many times and has the experience running through her veins is extremely fortunate. 

Such was the case with me.  Wow!  I hung on to every word Tanja said and taped her advice so I could listen to it repeatedly.  She says what she thinks without mincing her words and without wasting time.  

She really, really cares for those she is coaching.  Tanja is exceptional and she’ll work hard and late to bring out the best in us!   Hurrah for anyone who gets coached by her! 

Kristal Parks

TEDx Speaker

Tanja, as a TEDx event organizer… would it be hyperbolic of me to use the word “sensational”?

I fear that no other word truly captures Tanja’s majesty. She not only worked tirelessly with each and every one of the twenty speakers in her charge, but she did so with a palpable degree of authority, resolve and heart.

Tanja is a rare gift of a person, so maybe I should save everyone’s time and simply say that if you don’t avail yourself of Tanja’s services, you are an idiot. I’m sorry to be so blunt.

Otherwise, if you’ve chosen wisely, I can promise you that Tanja delivers a quality of service that far exceeds that of any other organizer you’ve encountered in the past and any you will meet in the future.

Sounds like B.S.? Maybe that’s so. But the truth is that I could rhapsodize Tanja’s virtues for the next several hours and still there would be plenty more to say.

Stephen Berkley

TEDx Speaker

It is impossible to appropriately recognize all that Tanja did to organize, coordinate, reign in, pull together, support, cajole, and mother a diverse group of participants into such a successful TEDx event.

Beginning with the comprehensive application and interview process, throughout the preparation, and finally the event itself, Tanja was thoughtful, organized, and, it cannot be said too often – tireless – in her determination to dot every i and cross every t to ensure that we speakers were fully prepared and that every detail of the complicated TEDx process was covered. 

I remain in awe of the number of talents she displayed and the energy she expended to ensure the event went off without a hitch. Throughout it all, she was a joy to work with, displaying enormous good humor and compassion well beyond that which any normal human would extend.

Beth Norcross

TEDx Speaker

In the realm of event coordination, it’s rare to come across a professional who not only understands the intricacies of organizing a complex event but also elevates it to an art form. Tanja Diamond is one such gem. As the TEDx coordinator for TEDx Woodinville, Tanja showcased an unparalleled mastery in orchestrating an event that was both complete and elegantly executed.

From the outset, it was evident that Tanja’s approach was holistic. She didn’t just focus on the logistics; she delved deep into the essence of what makes a TEDx event truly memorable. Her dedication to training the speakers ensured that each one was primed to deliver their best, turning their presentations into captivating narratives that resonated with every audience member.

But Tanja’s managerial skills didn’t stop there. With her hand-picked team, she transformed TEDx Woodinville into a theatrical experience. The audio and video production was of the highest caliber, reflecting a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Every element, from the stage design to the lighting, was crafted to perfection, creating an ambiance that was both immersive and inspiring.

In Tanja Diamond, you don’t just find an event coordinator; you discover a visionary who understands the profound impact of a well-orchestrated event. Her ability to turn TEDx Woodinville into a professional experience on every conceivable level is a testament to her expertise and passion.

For future event coordinators seeking someone who can not only meet expectations but vastly exceed them, Tanja Diamond is the gold standard. Her dedication, creativity, and leadership ensure that any event she touches transforms into a memorable masterpiece.

Dr. George Birnbach

TEDx Speaker

Tanja Diamond’s exceptional skills as an organizer and speaker coach have been instrumental in my professional growth. Her strong attention to detail and unwavering commitment to transparency as an organizer resulted in a transformative experience for me as a speaker. As a speaker coach, Tanja provided invaluable guidance, offering clear and constructive feedback. What also sets her apart is her ability to share strategies for navigating the emotional journey of public speaking, including anxiety.

Tanja’s unique framework for crafting speeches allowed me to connect with my audience on a profound level. She helped me distill a complex talk into one concise idea and a compelling call to action. Her support extended beyond coaching, as she guided me in leveraging social media and devising strategies to effectively disseminate my ideas to benefit the Neurodivergent community. Tanja’s dedication and expertise have been pivotal in making a difference in the lives of many Neurodivergent individuals.

Meghan Bonde

TEDx Speaker

Tanja is an outstanding speaker coach, teaching me much about handling myself in a TEDx context. She is also a top-tier organizer, putting on a high-quality event! I am grateful to have met her and had the opportunity to work together!

Connor Joyce

TEDx Speaker

I don’t know if I will truly have enough words to say how amazing and awesome Tanja Diamond was through this TEDx journey.  The event that changed my life, called TEDxWoodinville, was very well organized. 

When Tanja shared with us the crew she was putting together, I was blown away.  She had covered all the bases.

During dress rehearsal and the big event itself, it almost looked, if not felt, chaotic and sporadic at times, but Tanja is a true planner and strategist.  When she came up onstage to give directions and guidance, everything popped into shape with little effort.  Everything flowed under her direction.  Both speakers and crew were on point, and it’s because we were all in good hands.  

Tanja, as a speaker coach, is the best.  I call her “Coach” for a reason.  Her coaching style is very unique and endearing.  She’s a no-nonsense person who is strong and stern when she has to be, but she is still very motivating and nurturing to her people.  She sees the best in all her speakers, whether they’re extroverted, introverted, or even ambiverted.  To me, Tanja is the kind of coach that, if you have a teachable spirit, will bring out the best in you to be onstage.  May I get to work with Tanja again someday as a speaker coach, but even if I don’t, she’ll always be my coach.
Angelo Lumpkin

TEDx Speaker

Being a TEDx Speaker, Tanja Diamond understood the event from both sides, the concept and rules as an organizer, and the impact on the speaker.

As a visionary, she perceived where the platform might be heading, limited the length of the talks to 9min and selected 20 people for her event; an age range from 17 to 88, equal number of men and women, and a fascinating range of topics that was woven together in an entertaining fashion.

Tanja was not only extremely organized, she also surrounded herself with an incredible team of helpers. In addition, she has the skill of knowing what all needs to be considered for an event to run smoothly. As a TEDx Speaker she was an expert speaker coach, providing valuable and timely information.

I so appreciated her coaching skills that helped me to get my talk being focused and to the point. Thank you, Tanja, for being you!

Corinna Stoeffl

TEDx Speaker

It’s one thing to envision, plan, and organize an event (including navigating the requirements of TEDx) and another to coach, guide, and manage the talent for the show. Well, Tanja did both with perseverance, humor, and style!

She created a TEDx Talk template and formula that organized our TEDx idea cohesively and potently that got “To The Point” (the event’s theme). She led weekly updates, Q&A, and coaching sessions and kept our spirits pumped with music, support, and insights. She provided personal feedback to our script as she kept moving the bar higher until our Talks were polished, along with our confidence.

Her holistic organization abilities made it easy for us to know where to be, stay, eat and prepare without confusion. She understood the high stakes of a TEDx event  (we all had heard the stories of when things do not go well at TEDx events) so this was added motivation to design and deliver a lead-by-example model of how to provide TEDx speakers a creative and captivating talk template, logistic map guide, functional easy to access venue, professional and ample video and photo capture (very important) and generous personnel support. Yes! This is the TEDx gold standard model!

Jacquie Chandler

TEDx Speaker

I believe that the people who are meant to add value to our lives come to us when we need them.  There could have been no other Organizer and Coach for me than Tanja Diamond for TEDxWoodinville. Tanja brought her years of experience speaking internationally to the roster of TEDxWoodinville speakers.

I understand why Tanja is such a sought-after speaker: she understands how to craft a speech as well as deliver it. Diamond is an exceptional coach. She put us on a weekly schedule for 3 ½ months to write, memorize, and rehearse our speeches. She asked us to trust her to write, rewrite, memorize, and deliver our speeches for the best result. I did, and I’m a better writer and speaker for giving her my trust.

 Tanja is also an amazing organizer. With the creation of the weekly speaking schedule, she also created a team of speakers who cared about the event and each other, with the end result being a strong TEDxWoodinville event. No detail was forgotten.

To support us speakers, Tanja found the perfect location, with the highest level of professionals who provided sound, lights and staging.  Patience could be Tanja’s middle name. Under the intense pressure that a TEDx event carries, I have never seen such kindness and caring in how Tanja handled every aspect of TEDxWoodinville.

 It would be my honor to be a part of another Tanja Diamond TEDx event in the future.

Judith Weigle

TEDx Speaker

When it comes to orchestrating a TEDx event, the role of an organizer cannot be understated. However, Tanja is not just an organizer but the epitome of dedication, support, and excellence. From the initial call to the final moments offstage, Tanja was the guiding force that transformed a daunting speaking engagement into an empowering and seamless experience.

Tanja’s commitment to supporting speakers is unparalleled. Her passion for helping individuals realize their dreams is admirable and truly inspiring. It’s one thing to organize an event; it’s another to breathe life into it, infusing every moment with encouragement, expert guidance, and genuine care. Tanja did just that, ensuring that each one of us was not just prepared but poised to deliver our messages with confidence and clarity.

The event was a testament to Tanja’s exceptional organizational skills and ability to handle unexpected challenges gracefully and efficiently.

I recall a moment that could have unraveled the day’s proceedings: one of our fellow speakers had an unfortunate fall while stepping onto the stage. In that critical moment, Tanja was the embodiment of calm and control. She swiftly attended to the speaker, offering immediate assistance while simultaneously ensuring the event proceeded without a hitch. Her quick thinking and compassionate response not only averted a potential disruption but also reinforced the sense of safety and support that she had cultivated throughout the event.

In a world where the quality of leadership can make or break an event, Tanja shines as a beacon of excellence. Her blend of professional skill, personal warmth, and unwavering commitment creates an atmosphere where ideas thrive and speakers shine. For anyone fortunate enough to work with her, Tanja is a reminder of how passion, when coupled with purpose, can create truly transformative experiences.

Thank you, Tanja, for not just organizing an event, but for creating a memorable journey that will resonate with all of us for years to come.

Sriram Natarajan

2X TEDx Speaker

I had the privilege of working with Tanja as my TEDx speaker coach, and I can confidently say that she transformed my entire experience. From the moment we began our sessions, her upbeat and enthusiastic energy shone though, which put me at ease and helped me be confident.

Not only did Tanja provide invaluable feedback on my content, but she also helped me hone my delivery by teaching me the importance of channeling different emotions throughout my talk.

Thanks to Tanja’s guidance, I not only delivered a successful TEDx talk but also gained invaluable communication skills that extend beyond the stage.

Nikhita Penugonda

TEDx Speaker

Working with Tanja was a transformative experience! Her guidance, expertise, and personalized approach empowered me to unleash my full potential on and off stage.

With her support, I learned little tricks, which led to learning and honing invaluable skills in communication, storytelling, and stage presence, enabling me to deliver a strong TEDx talk.

I am immensely grateful for her time, involvement and her mentorship and highly recommend the Tanja to anyone looking to elevate their speaking skills and make a lasting impact.

Deepti Agrawal

TEDx Speaker

With her very enthusiastic personality, Tanja has truly made my talk amazing with her 10-minute speech formula and very helpful feedback. I am so honored that I got to work with her.

Srinika Bhagavathula (11 yrs old)

TEDx Speaker

Very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Tanja Diamond as our speaker coach.

Tanja is very experienced and offered us her time weekly to learn all about talk formats, how to create our talk to include memorization and delivery techniques and much more. She was very passionate about seeing us all succeed and give our best talks.

She gave a great combination of teaching in addition to creating a safe and supportive space for all of us to share and practice our talks. I felt very prepared and knew what to expect. I was 100% happy with my talk and how it went on stage and owe so much of my success to her coaching.

I felt that she genuinely cared about the speakers and one thing that stood out is how she went out of her way to volunteer additional one on one time with me when needed. Her time is extremely precious and I felt that she went above and beyond being available to us speakers.

She also added value to the event itself by doing some audience engagement on the topic of educating the audience further about what it takes to deliver an effective TEDx talk. The audience really appreciated this and I’ll never forget the moment I walked off stage and she told me “Congratulations, you are now a TEDx speaker”. I love that she gave me that moment to pause and really let that sink in.

I would definitely recommend Tanja as a speaker coach. She knows her stuff and is enthusiastic about curating the best speaker line up for each event!

Tanji Johnson Bridgeman

TEDx Speaker

Tanja helped me simplify my talk to the most impactful points and stories to meet the required time frames, which is often the hardest thing for many of us speakers to do.

Tanja has a knack for helping you cut out what the audience doesn’t need to hear to get your point across and to do it quickly.

She has a straight-forward coaching style and often says, “I’ve got you.” You can tell she is fully committed to helping you thrive as a speaker and goes above and beyond during your entire talk development journey. She also provided many stellar delivery tips I wish I had known sooner.

Ang Barnard

TEDx Speaker, Speaker Coach

Whether she’s enthusiastically demonstrating a hilarious hook or patiently coaching speakers through effective delivery, one thing’s for certain: if Tanja Diamond is your speaker coach, you’re in good hands.

Her constructive feedback and rigorous coaching were instrumental to my talk, and I am incredibly grateful to her for the fantastic job did as the speaker coach!

Mahima Roy Kolar (12 yrs old)

TEDx Speaker

Tanja could be described as a sensei of speaking- her practical knowledge for delivering and writing talks was very impressive and helpful.

She was always involved and dedicated to all of us speakers, making sure that our talks were as best as they could be.

She pushed me to reveal the most authentic talk I could produce, and it paid off. Above all else, she was a great personality!

Samuel Kidd (15 yrs old)

TEDx Speaker

Working with Tanja was a delightful experience! Her advice, guidance and expertise were applicable to both on and off-stage situations. She made everybody feel comfortable and like they could be themselves in any situation.

She pushed me to create the most authentic message that I could, and on top of that she had a great personality.

Uma Bambroo (11 yrs old)

TEDx Speaker

Working with Tanja as my TEDx speaker coach was a transformative experience. Her infectious enthusiasm and profound insights into effective communication elevated my talk to new heights.

Tanja’s personalized feedback and innovative techniques not only honed my delivery but also instilled in me a newfound confidence. Thanks to her mentorship, I delivered a memorable TEDx talk and acquired valuable skills that extend far beyond the stage.

Christopher Lee

TEDx Speaker

Tanja! My talk is live! And I wanted to send you a special note of thanks. I could not have delivered this talk with out your expert coaching, forthright suggestions, and thoughtful direction. You are an incredible coach and I am so grateful that I got to work with you 🙏

Lorissa Rinehart

TEDx Speaker


What is Speaker Coaching?

As a speaker coach I can assist my clients in achieving their personal and professional goals by helping them improve their public speaking skills.

I also work with content ideation and editing for keynotes and TEDx talks, each having very specific structures.

The benefit of hiring a speaker coach:

  1. Improve Effective Communication.
    The ability to communicate effectively and help your audience understand your viewpoint clearly is vital to a successful career.
  2. Overcome Fear.
    Turning your fear into energy. No one wants to listen to a speech that is boring and dull.
  3. Continual Reinforcement.  Assisting you as you continually practice to become an amazing and powerful speaker.
  4. Increases Your Confidence Level.
    Your confidence it will become contagious.
  5. Increase Your Professional Success.
    Speaking is an important part of everyday life in business for most people. Clarity, Connection and Confidence rules!!!
How Do I Know if speaker Coaching Is Right for Me?

You want to be a better presenter, land your pitch, sell from the stage, rock interviews, feel confident on stage, get hired as a keynote speaker, improve your acting, or deliver an outstanding TEDx talk.

Speaker Coaching is for You if You Want:

Ideation on your talk

Clarification with content

Polishing your presentation

Confidence before and during your talk

Delivery for maximum audience impact and engagement

Authenticity during your talk

Anyone can learn to present with confidence, clarity and impact. A great public speaking coach goes even further. A highly effective coach will show you what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

They will do this by:

– Sharing storytelling techniques to connect with your audience.

– Helping you to think creatively to challenge the status quo.

– Showing you how to present powerfully with visuals.

– Coaching you to involve and interact with your audience.

– Revealing the key elements of high impact presentation.

– Coaching you to use your voice in way that engages and energises your audience.

– Giving you lots of honest, helpful and constructive feedback.

– Creating a safe, open but challenging learning environment.

– Helping you to leave your ego at home and focus exclusively on your audience.

What Type of speakers do you work with?

Anyone who desires to get a message out of their mouths and into the world. Also, people who are coachable and really want to hone their skill. 

Help, My talk is only 2 weeks away!

I’ve got you. I can structure a 3 hr intensive so we can get your content squared away and get your talk embodied so you feel totally confident. I can also offer you daily coaching if needed.

What are the next best steps for me to take?

Reach out to me and book your powerful Initial Speaker Coaching Session.